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Basketball hoops

Basketball hoops

Get your basketball hoop for your home

No matter where - in the driveway or in the garden - play like the pros! read more

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

Basketball hoops

Are you an ambitious hobby baller or fighting your way up into the next league? Then you should always be that one three-pointer ahead when you practice on your own basketball system at home. True professionals have long since relied on hoops like those by Goalrilla or Goaliath – so why don't you? Now it can be completely up to you, how long you stay on the court!

Purchasing a basketball hoop

With Goalrilla, the leading manufacturer of basketball hoop systems in the US, we bring you a wide variety of premium quality systems to your doorstep. These hoop systems are perfectly suited for private properties, schools or outdoor facilities. You can find both of the top US brand names exclusively in our web shop.

What should you look out for when purchasing a basketball hoop?

The most important aspect is the environment where it will be installed: Have you got enough space for installing an in-ground hoop base and stand? Or would a wall-mounted system be a better idea? The size of the backboard also plays an important role, as it will need sufficient space on both sides. The available height is another important aspect.

Height adjustable basketball hoop

Depending on the court situation and the players involved, the hoops by Goalrilla and Goaliath can be flexibly adjusted to the height you want. This height-adjustable basketball hoop for at home will bring hours of fun for players of all heights.

How high should a basketball hoop be and what diameter does it have?

The regulation height above ground of a basketball hoop is 3.05 m and the hoop diameter is 0.45 m. The backboard, to which the hoop is attached, measures 1.05 m high and 1.80 m wide. That is the standard size as dictated by the European Basketball League. Many of the hoops in our range are flexibly height-adjustable from 2.3 m to the official height of 3.05 m.

Outdoor basketball hoop

The in-ground basketball systems can be anchored in the ground of the driveway or in the garden, provided the terrain is level. They come with a backboard and with enough stability to withstand the wildest slam dunks. Mobile hoop systems let you move your basketball court to wherever you want to play. You can optionally also install a wall-mounted hoop version complete with backboard if you don't have enough space for a free-standing model. The various types of basketball hoops should also be a consideration before you decide to buy.

What kinds of basketball hoops are there?

Hoop with backboard

A hoop with backboard is a good solution if the wall behind the hoop is not completely level or the hoop needs to be mounted close to the upper edge of the garage. In these situations, a target board can be useful.

More mobility with a stand and base – portable basketball systems

A portable basketball system can easily be pushed into the garage for the night after a long day of streetball. It offers the best of both worlds if you don't have much space. The integrated rollers let you move the basketball stand around whenever you want, which means you are not limited to a particular place to play.

In-ground basketball system

In-ground basketball systems really stand out for their robustness. The floor anchoring gives them the best possible stability and the overall look is extremely professional.

What kind of substrate do I need for my hoop system?

Whatever the material – it must be level and firm for the installation of a basketball system. That will ensure that your new outdoor basketball system is securely anchored in the ground. Basketball hoop systems on grass will only be good for practising your throws – but not for dunking, layups or body contact, which would all usually need good ground rebound.