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A wall-mounted basketball hoop system consists of a backboard and a hoop with a net. The hoop can be installed on a wall at any height. Typically, the hoop is attached to the façade of your home or over the garage door using long wall anchors and bolts.

The backboard material is extremely important. The force with which the ball rebounds from the backboard depends on what it is made of. Low-cost, thin chipboard or cheap plastic will almost "swallow" the force of impact. The throw and bounce properties of the ball can be quite different to what you are used to on a wall-mounted basketball hoop and are super important for keeping the ball in play.

Official hoop diameter and backboard size?

Ideally, the backboard should be around 137 x 84 cm, the hoop should overhang 63 cm and the whole thing should be height-adjustable between 2.3 and 3.05 m.

What to look out for when buying a basketball system?

A good basketball hoop stands out with the quality of materials used in its construction. The backboard should be large enough to cover a fair amount of space behind the hoop and the whole thing should be height-adjustable to max. the regulation height of 3.05 m. Another sign of quality is easy assembly and installation of the hoop system, as well as a long warranty period.

At a glance:

  • Excellent stability
  • Easy to install
  • General safety
  • Coverage
  • Height-adjustability

At what height should I install my basketball hoop?

We recommend not surpassing the regulation height of 3.05 m.