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In-ground basketball systems

Our in-ground basketball systems are in the premium class of hoop systems and bring professional playing conditions right into your driveway. The in-ground hoop systems offer the best possible stability, as they are anchored firmly in the ground. No matter how hard you dunk the ball, this hoop won't budge.

Buying a basketball system

The in-ground basketball system for leisure, school and clubs is a classic among hoop systems and guarantees hours of fun for players of all heights and ages. You will find a huge selection of basketball systems for outdoor use in our Home of Hoops shop! Like almost all models in our range, the basketball hoop and stand is height-adjustable (2.3 m-3.05 m) and guarantees any baller – no matter what age or height – a great game experience.

How do you recognise a good-quality basketball system?

Good hoops feature an excellent product finish and an eye for details. You won't be hearing that satisfying "swish" sound when the ball falls through the hoop without touching the <a href="https://www.hammer-basketball.de/en/goalrilla-heavy-weight-rim-basketballzubehoer.html" title="Heavy Weight Flex Rim">hoop if the basketball system doesn't have a well-made nylon net. We here at Hammer know what's important to you and that is why we offer you plenty of other features that will make your home hoop system a whole lot better than just good:

  • Excellent stability
  • Extremely weather-resistant
  • Many models are height-adjustable
  • No wall mounting needed
  • Easy to assemble and to take apart

Do serious players prefer a hoop with a transparent backboard or one made of wood?

True ballers want to be able to see the defeat on their opponents faces, through a transparent backboard, when they successfully bring home a free-throw. True ballers don't want to waste their skills on a semi-professional wooden backboards like those used in primary schools. At the end of the day, true ballers bring home the points on any hoop – but find it much more satisfying to play on good-quality equipment.

Basketball system

The Goalrilla anchoring system not only ensures simple and exact alignment during assembly – the system is also super easy to take down and transport elsewhere for the next game. The Hammer basketball installation team would be more than happy to help if you are unsure about the assembly and attachment of your new system.